Kamp Kritter logo Kamp Kritter rescue foundation is a nonprofit 501c-3 no kill animal shelter for injured, abandoned, neglected, abused and homeless dogs. We were founded 13 years ago when Sue Towler, on the way home from a pet sitting appointment, came across hurt pit bull mix puppy at a gas station. He was named Sir Little Champ after the store where he was found hungry, skinny and hot. Since then, kamp kritter has grown into a true safe haven where over 25 dogs cared for by Kamp Kritter are either put up for adoption or find sanctuary and a happy ending after a long and ugly life of neglect abuse. Sue received her non profit status in 2004 with the hopes of maximizing her opportunities for saving more lives. Though many of her dogs find forever homes, just as many live out their lives in comfort, love and respect within the sacntuary walls of Sue's Kamp Kritter facility. These dogs live out their days with dignity alongside the happy go lucky younger and healthier kamp residents who are deemed more adoptable due to their age and good health. The colorful assortment of dogs which include a lot of pit bulls and pit bull mixes strike a harmonious chord at Kamp Kritter and there is never a dull moment. Some of the more memorable stories can be found on the gallery page. No matter how you slice it, the philosophy at Kamp Kritter is come as you are as even if you do not have all your body parts, will never trust people again or have a terminal illness. We are kind of like the island for misfit toys in the 1960s santa claus cartoon. Every resident is spayed and neutered, wormed, loved and treated for all manner of illness from heartworms to amputation. Please feel free to browse the sanctuary section of this website for photographic portrayal of what we do for the dogs.

About Sue Towler

Sue Towler ImageKamp Kritter was founded about 13 years ago by Sue Towler when she noticed an injured, hungry, skinny, overheated pit bull mix puppy at a gas station while returning from pet sitting and took him home with her. She named him Sir Little Champ after his rescue location and her passion for saving dogs was born. Kamp Kritter received its nonprofit status in 2004 with the hopes of maximizing the opportunities for saving more lives.

Since its inception, Kamp Kritter has cared for over 50 dogs who have been adopted into loving, caring, “forever home” families. In addition, our shelter houses many dogs who have become permanent members of the Kamp Kritter family, where they live out their days in a loving, peaceful environment of dignity and respect. Sue and her volunteers ensure that these sanctuary residents avoid an ugly life of neglect, abuse, and homelessness. Click here to learn more about how you can help Kamp Kritter do their important work with our local homeless pets.