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We'd like to showcase for you our extraordiary before and after stories. Please use the links below to access our photo galleries which will expand as our photographs are catalogued.

Isabeau Before and After Photos


Harold- After Photo

Harold and Maude

Thelma Louise Before and After Photos

Thelma & Louise

Harold and Maude Before and After Graphic

Isabeau was underweight, severly abused and neglected. Her brother was poisoned with antifreeze, and Isabeau had been shot in the head with an airgun and left to die. Animal control picked her up, and that's when Kamp Kritter stepped in to provide love, care, and a healing environment for this tough little dog.

Harold and Maude the were brought to Kamp Kritter one evening after being found on the street. They both needed immediate vet care; they were so malnourished and dehydrated they probably would have died that night had Kamp Kritter not been brought in to help. Now they are two lovely, happy, adoptable puppies that will make wonderful additions to their new families.