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Kamp Kritter Sanctuary Residents

All our dogs become part of the larger social group, allowing those who pass on to do so with dignity and to spend their final days in the company of many happy-go-lucky younger dogs who help keep everyone’s spirits up.

Happy Kamp Kritter
Dogs with missing legs, ears, eyes and other body parts have been taken in at Kamp Kritter with most finding owners who see the dog and not the disability. Sue also has a soft spot for those healthy dogs which are hard to place simply because of the reputation of their breed. Kamp Kritter is home to many pit bulls and pit bull mixes who are quite loving but are not seen as such by the adopting public. Kamp Kritter becomes their permanent home where they are treated with the love and respect all animals deserve. Please feel free to browse the sanctuary and gallery sections of this web site for photographic portrayal of what Kamp Kritter provides to these dogs.
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