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Kamp Kritter rescue foundation is a nonprofit 501c-3 no kill animal shelter in Jacksonville, Florida. At our facility, dogs who have been abused, abandoned or mistreated often find the first safe environment they have ever known and the dogs that wander into our lives find a caring, healthy place to spend their time until adoption. At the shelter, dogs learn how to interact with humans and other dogs under the watchful eye of Head Kritter Sue Towler and other dedicated Critter Sitter volunteers and colleagues. At Kamp Kritter we think seriously about how we can make the life of each dog the best possible while we have them here with us. Our dog are exercised, receive loving personalized attention, proper medication and health care. Each dog must be spayed/neutered, and vaccinated before they are eligible for adoption. In our non-breed specific shelter, we offer sanctuary of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We work to create the best possible match between dog and owner in the adoption process, ensuring that both dog and owner can look forward to a happy future together. Please consider a tax deductible donation to our shelter- click here to access our donation page.



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    A Happy Shelter Adoptee

    Kamp Kritter is a non-profit, no kill sanctuary committed to finding permanent homes for the strays, abused or unwanted dogs in Jacksonville. Additionally Kamp Kritter provides a loving environment for unadoptable dogs to live out their days in loving, peaceful surroundings.

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    A Happy Shelter Adoptee

    We are very sad to announce that Kamp Kritter is presently at capacity and we CAN NOT accept any more residents. Please contact us if we can assist you with listing your pet for adoption on petfinder.com

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    The unique aspect of Kamp Kritter is its colorful assortment of dogs ranging from young and healthy to those who have been abused, injured, permanently impaired and those nearing the end of life.